Dec 12, 2017, somewhere over the Atlantic — This morning Kevin Novak, VP of Flight Safety and Training, is on route to Cork, Ireland. He reported winds aloft of 200 kts (230 mph) out of the north over the Atlantic. The forecast shows severe turbulence from 20,000-40,000 feet.

Fortunately, the Spike Supersonic Jet will fly well above most turbulent layers at 51,000 feet and avoid the dangerous effects of being tossed about the aircraft. Passengers will experience a much smoother, safer and more comfortable flight.


Winds Aloft Dec 12, 2017. Map from


Turbulence while flying can be pretty scary and incredibly dangerous. That is why the captain puts on the fasten seat belt sign until the aircraft clears the airspace. Definitely something to be avoided where possible. Some flights take significant diversions just to avoid severe weather conditions.