Spike Aerospace President & CEO, Vik Kachoria, will be speaking the Global Investment in Aviation Summit in Dubai on Jan 27-29, 2019.  He will be speaking on the company’s vision for supersonic flight, the market opportunity and recent developments. Spike Aerospace is reintroducing supersonic flight — this time quieter, safer, more efficient and super luxurious.

The Spike S-512 is a low-boom, 18 passenger, Mach 1.6 business jet which will cut flight time by 50%. The aircraft has been specifically designed to reduce the sonic boom to a soft background thump. Low-sonic boom at full supersonic speed is critical to to fly anywhere overland or over water without disturbing people, wildlife, marine animals or the environment.

The company projects there is a demand for over 850 supersonic business jets for private owners, corporations, airlines, government and special missions. Supersonic flight is coming soon and is going to change aviation and the world.

Vik Kachoria will be joined by Zunum’s co-founder and Chief Engineer, Matt Knapp who will speak about Zunum’s electric aircraft efforts and the potential that has for aviation and investors.

GIAS will be held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Festival City, Dubai. If you will be at the event, please reach out to us.