1. What is Spike Aerospace?
  2. Why is faster flight better?
  3. How does faster flight help the world?
  4. What is the Spike S-512?

What is Spike Aerospace? (Top)

Spike Aerospace, Inc. is an innovative aerospace firm leading a global collaboration of top firms in development of advanced aviation and aerospace products that offer safer, faster, more refined and reliable air transportation for our customers. We are currently focused on building a quiet supersonic private jet that will dramatically reduce flight times – by 50% in many cases. Our engineering and management team members have been involved in numerous aerospace projects including the Gulfstream G650, Epic, Eclipse 500, Airbus A320, and UAVs / drones. Spike is headquartered in Boston, MA, in close proximity to MIT, Draper Labs, Lincoln Labs, Avidyne, GE Aircraft Engines, and other aerospace and aviation companies.

Why Is Faster Flight Better? (Top)

We believe that faster, safer jets will have a tremendous impact on individual companies’ operations as well as the global economy as a whole. For a corporate customer, supersonic flight enables them to consider new investment targets, manage current operations more dynamically, and better service their worldwide customers. The ability to respond faster to opportunities and arrive well ahead of competitors will have a significant impact on competitiveness and profitability.

How Does Faster Flight Help The World? (Top)

Faster flight benefits not only a individuals and corporations, but truly the entire world. Pan Am’s first commercial flight across the Atlantic took place in 1939. Starting then, air travel enabled global face-to-face commerce to be accomplished with a few hours of flight instead of weeks of sailing. In addition to a tremendous increase in trade, this has led to improved standards of living and economic fortunes for the entire developed world. Similarly, supersonic air travel will bring the farthest corners of the world easily within reach. This, we expect, will result in increased direct international investment, some of which will be in key infrastructure projects – resulting in improvements in health, education, and welfare.

In 20-30 years or less, supersonic flights will be available through large commercial airlines, enabling more people to travel for business or visit friends and family around the globe. Supersonic travel makes the planet much smaller and easier to explore, allowing more people than ever to experience the wonders of the world and the vibrant human connections waiting to be made at every destination.

What is the Spike S-512? (Top)

The Spike S-512 is a groundbreaking supersonic jet that will fly 12-18 passengers in quiet luxury at Mach 1.6, cutting travel times in half – for example, trips from NYC to London will take a mere three to four hours. The S-512 jet features the luxury, safety, reliability, and convenience that owners and operators have come to expect of ultra-premium corporate aircraft, but with radical improvements in each of these crucial aspects of private air travel. The time savings of supersonic flight enables substantial increases in productivity, new opportunities, and quality of life.

The S-512 will be the fastest civilian aircraft available, saving passengers hours of flight time on every trip and providing an unparalleled experience en route. Our industry-first windowless Multiplex Digital Cabin, exclusive to the S-512, changes the concept of in-flight entertainment forever, with full-length panoramic high-definition displays taking the place of conventional aircraft windows. The view from these displays can be controlled by smartphone or tablet as well as intuitive touchpads at every seat, and can show anything from real-time 360-degree views outside the jet to screencasts from a laptop or movies on demand. Plus, structural improvements made possible by eliminating traditional windows allow the Multiplex Digital Cabin to offer unprecedented noise reduction and superior strength for quiet, serene flights across the country or around the world.

Flying in the Spike S-512 will make every other jet feel like a prop plane. If you want more speed and luxury than even the best legacy jets can offer, contact us today to learn more or reserve your own S-512 Quiet Supersonic Jet.