1. Who is Spike Aerospace?
  2. Why is faster flight better?
  3. How Does Faster Flight Help The World?
  4. What is the Spike S-512?

Who is Spike Aerospace? (Top)

Spike Aerospace is working on advanced aviation and aerospace products that offer safer, faster and more reliable air transportation for our customers. We are currently focused on designing a supersonic business jet that will dramatically reduce flight times — by 50% in some cases. Our engineering and management teams have been involved in numerous aerospace projects including the Gulfstream G650, Epic, Eclipse 500, Airbus A320 and UAVs/Drones. Spike is located in Boston, in close proximity to MIT, Draper Labs, Lincoln Labs, Avidyne, GE Aircraft Engines and numerous other leading aerospace companies.

Why Is Faster Flight Better? (Top)

We believe that faster & safer jets will have a tremendous impact on a company’s operation as well as the global economy. For a company, it enables them to consider new investment targets, manage current operations more dynamically and better service their global customers. The ability to respond faster to opportunities and the time savings will have a significant impact on competitiveness and profitability.

How Does Faster Flight Help The World? (Top)

Faster flights benefit not only a company but actually the entire world. Pan Am’s first commercial flight across the Atlantic was in 1939. Since then, global face-to-face commerce can be done in a few hours of flight instead of weeks of sailing. In addition to an increase in trade, this has led to an improved standard of living and economic fortunes for the entire world. Similarly, even faster air travel will make even more of the world easier to reach. This, we expect, will result in increased direct foreign investment, some of which will be in key infrastructure projects — resulting in improvements in health, education and welfare.

In 20-30 years, supersonic flight will be available on large commercial airlines enabling more people to travel and visit their friends and families around the globe. Supersonic travel makes the world much smaller and easier to explore.

What is Spike S-512? (Top)
Spike S-512 is a next generation jet that will fly 12-18 passengers from NYC to London in 3-4 hours. The S-512 jet will feature the luxury, safety, reliability and convenience that its owners and operators have come to expect of high-end corporate aircraft. It will be the fastest commercial aircraft available with the ability to save passengers several hours of flying time on every flight. The time savings adds up to substantial increases in productivity, new opportunities, and improved lifestyle.

Flying in the Spike S-512 will make any other jet feel like flying on a prop plane.