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Vik Kachoria, CEO of Spike Aerospace, Inc., is a seasoned aerospace executive with 30 years of industry experience. Vik's career has included management of, and consulting for, high-growth ventures including supersonic jets, VLJs, air taxis, charter flights, sub-orbital rockets, and solar-powered satellites.

Environmental Reports on Supersonic Flight Based on Unfounded Assumptions

Yesterday, ICCT released a new "study" on the impact of supersonic flight on the environment and airport communities. Instead of publishing reports based on unfounded assumptions, the environmental groups should start a discussion with us on their concerns. Instead, they push their agenda and preemptively suggest we are destroying the planet. I have reached out [...]

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Spike Aerospace Had a Fantastic 2016, With A Promising 2017 On The Way

With all the fun parties and celebrations over, Spike Aerospace has been reflecting on what we accomplished in 2016 and what is ahead in 2017. It is amazing how quickly successes can get forgotten after day-to-day meetings, travel, and other efforts. Looking back, it was a fantastic and successful year, with 2017 looking even more [...]

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Spike Aerospace Evaluating Possible Manufacturing Locations

There have been a lot of unexpected headlines and press lately about Spike Aerospace moving to Washington State and building a manufacturing facility there for the S-512 Quiet Supersonic Jet. It is time to set the record straight; perhaps this is long overdue. Spike Aerospace is in the very early stages of selecting a location for our [...]

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Washington State Governor Jay Inslee Interested in Supersonic Aviation

What an honor it was last week to meet with Washington State Governor Jay Inslee, who personally was very interested in supersonic aviation. We had a great conversation about the impact supersonic flight will have on policy, economic growth, and business in the region. Governor Inslee was happy to hear that we had toured Paine Field [...]

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Technology That Connects People

For most of us, technology has been an incredible enabler for information, communications, entertainment, relationships, and even wealth. Never before could we instantly pull up 100,000 recipes for mashed potatoes, read the latest info on Brad Pitt (or any celebrity of the day), have 1,000 friends, or watch endless cat videos. That alone makes my [...]

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Designing a Jet Takes Time

It has been a quite a few months since our last announcement, and I’m sure many folks are wondering what is happening at Spike Aerospace. I’m happy to let you know that we have been very busy working on multiple aspects of the Spike S-512 Quiet Supersonic Jet. We continue to advance the aircraft design, [...]

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