Introducing The Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet

Time isn’t just a luxury; it’s an opportunity. It’s a chance to accomplish more, build more, invest more, enjoy and relax more. With the Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet you can reach your destinations in half the flying time.

Be faster, be more efficient, be first.

Step onto a Spike S-512 aircraft and step into the future of speed, innovation and luxury. Explore more deals, manage more effectively, meet more customers and build better relationships. At the end of the day, you will spend more time doing what you love with the people you love. Supersonic flight will revolutionize the way you conduct business and influence international affairs.

With the Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet, you will save hours, stay on top of your game and beat your competition to the finish line. What can supersonic do for you?


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Spike Aerospace Still Evaluating Possible Locations

There has been a lot of unexpected headlines and press lately about Spike Aerospace moving to Washington State and building a manufacturing facility there for the Spike Supersonic Jet. It is time to set the record [...]

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Washington State Governor Inslee Interested in Supersonic Aviation

Great Wheel in Seattle, WA What an honor last week to meet with Washington state Governor Jay Inslee who personally was very interested in supersonic aviation. We had a great conversation about the impact supersonic [...]

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Spike Aerospace to Present at WA Aerospace Summit 2016

Vik Kachoria, President & CEO of Spike Aerospace will be presenting at the AFA's 11th Annual Aerospace Summit on Thu October 6th. Mr. Kachoria will be discussing the Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet program, developing partnerships and collaboration [...]

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Digital Engineering Magazine Article “Supersonic Simulation”

Brian Albright of Digital Engineering magazine wrote a great article on how engineering tools like CD-Adapco's Star-CCM+ software and MAYA/Siemens PLM NX CAD are helping advance innovation in aerospace. In just the last 5 years, maybe [...]

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Spike Aerospace Participating in Aerospace Innovation Workshop by MIT ILP on Sep 15, 2016

Aerospace innovation is entering an exciting decade of growth. Mars travel. Micro satellites. Suborbital space travel. New modes of air transportation. Drones. Use cases for increased autonomy are exploding. Technology is near-term. Where are we [...]

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