Building The Future Of Aviation

Designing and building the next generation of supersonic jets requires experience, knowledge, and the courage to push the boundaries of aerospace technology.

Spike Aerospace, Inc. has all of the above. Our world-class team of seasoned engineers has a wealth of experience designing, building, and certifying aircraft, and all came to Spike from industry-leading aerospace manufactur­ers. They are committed to building an innovative jet that is not only fast and luxurious, but environmentally sustainable and fuel-efficient as well.

Spike Aerospace has also built a global collaboration of leading aerospace partners who provide their expertise in avionics, engines, materials, manufacturing, servicing, and training. They are supplying critical components, providing consulting services, and supporting our custom­ers’ fleets of Spike S-512 Quiet Supersonic Jets.

Together, we are making civilian supersonic flight a 21st-century reality.

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