For most of us, technology has been an incredible enabler for information, communications, entertainment, relationships, and even wealth. Never before could we instantly pull up 100,000 recipes for mashed potatoes, read the latest info on Brad Pitt (or any celebrity of the day), have 1,000 friends, or watch endless cat videos. That alone makes my $180 / month cell phone bill worthwhile.

But critics have warned for decades that our reliance on technology disconnects people from real relationships and encounters. That we spend more time updating our statuses than enjoying the moment. That kids spend more time playing video games than in the playground. That we “LOL” more than we actually laugh out loud.

Perhaps some of that is true. But even with Skype and endless travel videos, more people than ever before are getting on a plane and traveling somewhere to see their friends and family in person. More people are going on adventure vacations. More people want to experience the world for themselves. It seems that technology is showing people what exists in the world around them, and that in turn inspires them to seek out their own experiences. And, if on the flight there, you play a video game or brag to your friends on Facebook that you are heading to Shanghai, why not? You still are going to Shanghai to experience it for yourself.

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