Coral and fish in the Red Sea of Egypt

At Spike Aerospace, aeronautical innovation and environ­mental responsibility go hand in hand. In designing the S-512 Quiet Supersonic Jet, we’re considering the impact of supersonic flight on marine life, airport communities, and the eco-sphere.

Our engineers are researching and developing technologies to minimize the sonic boom effect and maximize fuel efficiency.

One key innovation, our exclusive Multiplex Digital Cabin, reduces aircraft skin friction, improves fuel economy, and reduces cabin noise.

In addition, our marine biologists are researching ways to decrease the impact of a fleet of supersonic aircraft on marine wildlife. An independent team of atmospheric scientists is also looking for any adverse impact on the atmosphere or global warming.

We believe supersonic flight is the future of aviation, and we are investing our time and energy to ensure that the S-512 leads the world in a safe, clean, viable future filled with possibilities.