Spike S-512 Interior

Multiplex Digital Cabin – Cutting Edge Design with the Best View

Welcome to the future of travel. The Spike S-512 Su­personic Jet’s luxurious cabin has all the amenities you need to conduct business and enjoy your time in the air.

The Spike S-512 Multiplex Digital Cabin offers a unique and innovative experience. Breathtaking panoramic views, captured by cameras surrounding the aircraft, are displayed on the screens. Pull up documents, presen­tations, movies, or images of the night sky all with a simple touch.

Work or relax in comfort and style with soft leather seating, reduced cabin noise, higher oxygen levels and high-speed wireless Internet access.

In the Multiplex Digital Cabin, the world is at your fin­gertips. International flights are easier, more connected and more comfortable.

With an advanced aircraft like the Spike S-512, you expect the highest levels of quality and comfort. The Spike Cabin will not disappoint.

  • Luxuriously soft leather seats
  • Cabin noise reduced by 20dB
  • Increased oxygen levels
  • Customizable interior configuration
  • Enhanced environmental system
  • Advanced technology for media and connectivity
  • User control cabin environment from smartphone or tablet
  • High-speed Internet access & wi-fi
  • In-flight phone system
  • External cameras
  • Satellite radio

Traveling just got an upgrade. Sit back, relax, and enjoy supersonic.