A Cabin Like No Other – Only On The Spike S-512

Multiplex Digital Cabin Benefits & Highlights

Spike S-512 Multiplex Digital Cabin

  • Stunning cabin-length panoramic view of outside world
  • Multiple cameras provide live-feeds to high-definition digital screens
  • See the world, movies, images or presentations

  • Cabin noise reduced by 20dB
  • Increased oxygen levels
  • High-speed wireless Internet access
  • In-flight telephone system
  • 360-degree high-definition external cameras
  • More Interior Images


Onboard an exclusive private supersonic jet like the Spike S-512, you expect the highest levels of quality, comfort and luxury. This aircraft does not disappoint.

The first thing you’ll notice upon entering the cabin of the S-512 are the expansive, high-definition screens spanning each side. These revolutionary displays can show any view you wish, whether it’s your real-time aircraft surroundings, your favorite movie or a work presentation – all with a simple touch on your mobile device.

With no need for conventional windows, the cabin of the S-512 affords unprecedented quiet and strength. Work or relax in comfort and style with bespoke leather seating, remarkable silence, higher oxygen levels, and high-speed wireless Internet connectivity. Superior aircraft strength made possible by eliminating traditional windows allows the S-512 to offer unprecedented noise reduction for smooth, relaxing supersonic flights.

In the Multiplex Digital Cabin, the world is at your fingertips. International flights are easier, more connected, and more comfortable than ever before. Step aboard and enjoy the finest luxuries and latest technological advances:

Air travel will never be the same. Reserve your S-512 today, or contact us to learn more.