Vik Kachoria, President and CEO of Spike Aerospace, will be speaking at the 2019 Ideas Abu Dhabi conference. The event features very focused sessions designed to tackle large, complex challenges from many angles. The intent is to allow for enough focus and perspective to further understanding and advance potential solutions.

Over the course of two days, Ideas Abu Dhabi will tackle four of these challenges, the solutions to which require strategic, long-term action. We call these ‘moonshots’, challenges so large in both ambition and timeline that no one person, organisation, is able to solve them alone.

Vik Kachoria will discuss how modern commercial supersonic jets will be quieter and kinder to the environment, as well as getting you from Abu Dhabi to New York in 6.5 hours! He will also talk about the path towards zero-carbon supersonic flight.

The event is hosted by Tamkeen, a Abu Dhabi based company and The Aspen Institute, based in Washington DC.