Yesterday, ICCT released a new “study” on the impact of supersonic flight on the environment and airport communities. Instead of publishing reports based on unfounded assumptions, the environmental groups should start a discussion with us on their concerns. Instead, they push their agenda and preemptively suggest we are destroying the planet.

I have reached out to ICCT in the past to correct the invalid assumptions they make in this and previous reports. Rather than talk with Spike Aerospace, they  are more interested in fear mongering, and rejecting any advancement in technology. I imagine they would not raise much funding if they reported that there was nothing to fear. It serves their purposes, creating click-bait and false news, to hinder technology and cry the sky is falling.

Like the old Sting song, “The Russians Love Their Children Too”, most of Spike’s engineers, management team, partners and customers have families and children too. We are not out to damage the environment and are working to ensure our jets do not cause the scenario they describe. Instead, they assume we have no interest in the planet or the environment and just want to destroy it with a toy for the rich.

I can’t speak for the other OEMs, but Spike Aerospace’s supersonic jet will NOT create a loud sonic boom as the jet flies full supersonic speed (Mach 1.6). We find it completely irresponsible to advance technology without consideration of the airport community or the environment including wildlife, migrating birds and marine life.