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Charles Osgood of CBS Radio’s The Osgood File interviewed Spike Aerospace CEO Vik Kachoria on January 22, 2014 to discuss Spike Aerospace’s efforts to design a supersonic private jet.



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For over three decades, the Concorde changed the face of aviation as we knew it.

Flights that took endless hours could be made in half the time, thanks to the Concorde flying supersonic speed.

It was the wave of the future – and then, it was gone – retired for good.

But now, a new company aims to bring back supersonic air travel for those who can afford the ticket.

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Vik Kachoria is the founder of Spike Aerospace, a company that wants to bring back high-speed flights.

Kachoria’s team of engineers are working on what he calls the first “supersonic business jet” for high-flying executives.

SOT – Vik Kachoria, founder of Spike Aerospace
“It’ll take you from New York City to London in three hours – very similar to what the Concorde did – and it’ll let you see more of the world.”  (:06)

Kachoria says the world has changed in the decade since the Concorde’s retirement.

SOT – Vik Kachoria
“During the Concorde’s era, it was really primarily just to Europe and the U.S.  But now, Asia is such a huge market, you’ve got everything – China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam – Brazil, South Africa.  A lot of new markets have opened up, and you need to be able to get to destinations faster.”  (:14)

Spike Aerospace’s supersonic jet will be able to carry 12 to 18 passengers in the lap of luxury.

SOT – Vik Kachoria
“Very large open leather seats, open cabin area with tables and chairs that can swivel and rock and rotate.  They’re going to get a very nice luxurious interior.”  (:09)

Spike is marketing their aircraft to major business firms at a starting cost of 60 million dollars – beverage cart hopefully included.

What better way for the jet-set to see the world?

SOT – Vik Kachoria
“They can go to surfing in Australia or skiing in the Alps for the day and be back at home.  You can fly anywhere faster.  You can go to Rio or Tokyo – I don’t know, Hawaii, Spain.  It just brings the whole world much closer together – and it makes it more accessible.”  (:13)