Flat screen displays to replace windows and instead feature a variety of scenic images

Boston, MA, Feb. 15, 2014—Spike Aerospace, designers of the Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet, has just announced that its new supersonic jet will feature a windowless passenger cabin.

The new supersonic jet will feature a revolutionary windowless passenger cabin, eliminating cumbersome window shades and glaring sun. Instead, the interior walls will be covered with a thin display screens embedded into the wall. Cameras surrounding the entire aircraft will construct breathtaking panoramic views displayed on the cabin screens. Passengers will be able to dim the screens to catch some sleep or change it to one of the many scenic images stored in the system.

“Fuselage walls are complex structures made even more complicated by the additional structures needed to support cabin windows. Eliminating the windows allow us to simply the fuselage design, reduce the parts count and lower manufacturing costs. But, it also results in a smoother exterior skin which reduces the aircraft’s drag resulting in increased fuel efficiency,” says Vik Kachoria, President of Spike Aerospace.

Micro-cameras, flat panel displays, video controllers and associated software have all advanced to a stage that allows Spike Aerospace to do away with the fuselage complicating windows.

The interior design and windowless cabin is one more innovation the company is incorporating into the Spike S-512. The supersonic jet design already includes the latest technologies including composite material, advanced avionics, and a propulsion system.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.spikeaerospace.com


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